So you have a business that is doing well. The next thing to do is to look for more ways to make money with it. The more income streams you have the better it is for your overall business. . Here are a few ways that you can get even more out of your business.

1. Start Selling More Products

If you have a store that sell golfing supplies consider what other products those same people would be interested in. Would they be interested in getting a putting green installed in their front yard? Start thinking up ways of how you can make it happen.

That is why it is so important to get the contact information of the people who buy stuff from you, that way you can send them a letter whenever you are selling new stuff.

2. Think Outside The Box

Make deals with other companies too. I knew someone who had a golf store and contacted a man selling golf carts. Since the store owner did not sell golf carts himself he made a deal with the man. The man could sell golf carts outside of his store in exchange the store owner got a cut on whatever the man made. There are examples of businesses being creative all over, I went to a college that allowed a major cell phone business to put a tower on their building in exchange for money.

You can also think about advertisers. Are there advertisers who are not competing with you, but are still relevant to your store and would like to get their name in front of your audience? It is always a good idea to think outside the box in order to get some extra income.

3. Go Online

There really are plenty of online business ideas around that can help you to grow your business. Going online lets you find customers in new areas of the world.

4. Create another Store

This is simple logic, if you have 2 stores you should earn twice as much as you would if you just owned one store. Saving up or taking out loans to expand your business can be a good thing if you have something of real value.

There are plenty of companies that have done well by just focusing on one thing. But if you take the time to think creatively you will find that there are plenty of ways to get more out of your business.