About increasing partition in Windows 7

It is known that Windows 7 Disk Management has the ??Extend Volume?? function to extend partition. But, it is only available when there is contiguous unallocated space behind the partition that we would like to extend. Also, some users intend to expand system partition without format, because they are running low disk space. Therefore, it is urgent to resolve the troublesome problem. In this respect, free partition resizer- Aomei Partition Assistant Home Edition with complete features including increasing partition size will give recipe to solve your problem.

How to increase partition size in Windows 7?

Below is a straightforward guide on increasing partition size, follow it to increase partition size:

Step1: Launch and run Aomei Partition Assistant Home Edition, the entire disk information will be displayed in the fresh interface. C drive is relatively low and we??d like to extend it by generating unallocated space from G drive. Right-click G drive and select ??Resize?? option.

Step2: In the window that pops up, drag the handle on the left boarder rightwards to generate some unallocated space to increase partition size of C drive.

Step3??After the second step, some unallocated space will be generated behind C drive, then go back to the main interface, click on C drive and drag the handle on the right boarder rightwards to increase partition size.

Step4: Lastly, remember to click ??Apply?? on the left top of the toolbar to perform pending operations.

After the above guide, you could have a clear perception of increasing partition size under Windows 7. Why don’t you download this easy-to-use free partition resizer and try. Please check the edition comparison to select the the most appropriate one to provide what you need.

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