supercomputer on your desk

supercomputer on your desk

When you’re rendering 3D, crunching huge datasets or creating complex models, there’s no such thing as too much power: the more powerful your workstation, the happier your working day becomes. That’s why Dell created the Precision T5500 and T7500 workstations, everyday supercomputers that deliver the multi-core processing punch and sheer scalability you’ve been waiting for.

Turn it up to 12

With support for not one but two next-generation, multi-core processors, the Dell Precision T5500 and T7500 can deliver up to twelve cores of processing power for your most demanding applications. Factor in RAID storage options, dual-native PCIe xl6 Gen 2 graphics slots and in the Precision T7500, enough room for an enormous 192GB
of DDR3 RAM and you’ve got something truly astonishing. Faster, more powerful and more efficient than ever before, the Precision T5500 was voted Best Workstation in InfoWorld’s 2011 Technology of the Year Awards. “Demanding users who need the expansive capacity and roaring
muscle of a high-end desktop should look no further,” Info World says.

Core strength

Inside every Dell Precision T5500 and T7500 there’s an incredibly powerful heart: the latest-generation 32nm Intel® Xeon™ 5600 series processor. Designed specifically for content creation, visualisation and simulation, the 5600 series offers stunning performance and impressive efficiency: in tests, Intel demonstrated a 38%
improvement in performance for digital content creation and advanced workflow modelling. Intel® Quick Path technology provides high-speed interconnects between each processor core, an integrated memory controller with dedicated three-channel highspeed memory architecture and multi-level shared cache for blistering performance.

Need even more power? The Dell Precision T5500 and T7500 can be everyday supercomputers. Optional NVIDIA® Tesla™ GPUs deliver the power of a computing cluster for CUDA applications for a fraction of the cost and l/20th of the power consumption.

Over 1 billion possibilities

At Dell we know that no two pros are alike, and that’s why we’ve developed a chassis that’s flexible enough to suit any environment: with over 1 billion possible combinations the Dell Precision T7500 can be configured for the most demanding requirements. You can take full advantage of the very latest mult -core processors for unprecedented processing power, and with up to 7.5TB of local storage and optional RAID there’s room for even the largest datasets. Dual high-end ATI® or NVIDIA® graphics cards provide cost-effective quad-monitor support,
and there’s a superb selection of graphics options to meet your exact requirements, from entry-level 2D to top-end 3D OpenGL® solutions with a staggering 4GB of graphics memory.

Protect your productivity

To protect your investment, your productivity your data you need support that’s as impressive as our hardware. Designed specifically for professionals like you whose living depends on the uptime and reliability of the systems they use, Dell ProSupport provides 24/7 direct access to Dell Expert Centres, next working day on-site repair and a single point of contact for hardware, software and certified application issues. It is the operating system, a driver or the software itself? Let us do the diagnosis. You’ve got better things to do.

The Dell difference are designed to work as hard as you do. We work closely with leading Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) to deliver unrivalled performance and reliability in the most demanding environments, and our Dell precision workstations are built specifically for the most demanding jobs in engineering, product
design animation and digital imaging. With the latest technology in our scalable servers and storage solutions, Dell is the one-source partner to match your IT ambitions.